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The restauranteers [Feb. 23rd, 2008|03:24 am]
waiting tables


I came across this entry from like four years ago and felt it belonged here.

"TGIFriday's observation so far: every restaurant must have the same essential structure. Ex. -- 1: the socially awkward GM who makes corny jokes. 2: The angsty, lazy, socially awkward and generally pissed off dishwasher who will stand and watch you pile up dishes in front of him without lifting a finger. Later, when something is mentioned to him about this, he breaks things. 3: (This is the good one...) the Andy. There is no other word for it. The guy who is training me is tall, skinny, and thinks he's everything. Serving tables is his whole world. He takes way too many tables, he states his goal as being at least $100 at the beginning of every night (whether this is expected or not), and he makes the corniest jokes that somehow or another, customers actually enjoy. He's "on his way to being a Manager." This guy hums the same weird tunes. He uses the same phrases. I ended up writing them down by the end of the night because there were just too many to be true! I've actually come quite close to calling this guy Andy several times."

Of course, no offense to you awesome dish people, especially tank girl with the emergency kit.  I never got to work with anyone like you.  :-(